Traditional upholstery is always linked to internal carpentry, which generates early wear and tear and also undesirable noises with time. The concept of this project aimed at leaving the structure showing. The idea was to adequately design a piece that would have simple upholstery, generating comfort.  A kind of soft and comfortable mattress is used in the structure, forming the arms, seat and backrest of the piece. It couldn’t be simpler that that.  We appreciate a lightweight, transparent and low couch, with high level of seating comfort.  This project is the summary of the present briefing.

product description

Painted steel structure in several colors and filling with synthetic fiber.

measurements (cm)

W 165 D 88 H 82

W 220 D 88 H 82

W 247 D 88 H 82

W 275 D 88 H 82

Prompt delivery of estudiobola fabrics

The fabric may be supplied by the customer