Original design and formal simplicity. This sentence is the hallmark of the work of two architects from São Paulo, who graduated from Universidade Mackenzie. Flavio Borsato and Mauricio Lamosa went to school together and founded estudiobola sixteen years ago around this concept, creating products with personality and simplicity studied to exhaustion.

A work free from fads and trends requires rigorous research on proportions and finishing in order to provide products with timeless results, which increase the lifespan of the pieces, making them pleasing to the eyes for years. This concept is applied in all estudiobola production, from creating a chair to designing lighting and upholstery projects.

Some design awards along this path, such as the Museu da Casa Brasileira Award helped distinguish the work of this duo, which is renowned in the furniture segment for its excellence design and for always linking its work to the search of important commercial results, consolidating relations with companies that produce and resell their creations.

The internal structure has grown over the years not losing the differential that brought them here, objective, sincere and professional service. The figure of the creation duo gave way to a competent professional team that helps place the company and its products in the best and most prestigious furniture and decoration stores in the country, and constantly participate in important national and international publications in the segment.

Estudiobola is currently envisioning other horizons and challenges, sharing its design expertise with the customer in its own premises. A warehouse in an old factory houses the furniture store for internal and external use, lamps, pictures and upholstery with exclusive and unique designs. And since April 2019 the brand has one more address in the city of São Paulo.

A space it´s worth visiting for its industrial exhibition concept, but mainly to be received by special team and see all this history applied in its products.